Welcome to the Law Office of Edward J. Gilson, Jr.  We are a sole practitioner law office serving clients in Philadelphia and surrounding counties. We always welcome new clients!

The Law Office of Edward J. Gilson, Jr. provides thorough and experienced legal services for clients of all ages. It is never too early to make a will. Even if you have an existing will, did you know there are many situations in life that call for revising your will? We can help!

We can also help determine whether you may need a power of attorney or living will.  It is highly recommended that you meet with an experienced attorney to understand the legal ramifications of signing a power of attorney or a living will. To have a power of attorney prepared or revised, call the Law Office of Edward J. Gilson, Jr.

We accept limited orphans’ court litigation matters on a case-by-case basis. Edward Gilson, Jr. has more than 40 years’ experience and a winning track record in orphans’ court experience litigation.  To see whether our services meet your needs in this area, please contact us.